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Dunsborough is a region in Margaret River known for its calm waters and fine sands which are accommodated by beautiful Australian flora. Apart from its extraordinary landscapes, Dunsborough is known for its breweries, wineries and its good vibe restaurants and cafes.

Dunsborough History

The Margaret River region in which Dunsborough is located in is known as being one of the oldest occupied habitats in Australia. Within the town there are many sites which are significant to the Aboriginal people in and around the town.

Tribes of Dunsborough

Before being colonized, Dunsborough had several distinct tribes which inhabited the land and made use of the waters around the region.

  • The people living on the coast were called the Waddam-di which translates to “Sea People”.
  • Their language was recorded as “Burron Wongi”.
  • The Dunsborough region was called Quedjinup which means “Place of Women”.

Dunsborough Aboriginal Heritage Sites

Dunn Bay Road Ceremonial Ground

A ground of law that united traditional Warandi people together for a ceremonial meeting.

Caves Road – Naturaliste Road Roundabout

From around 400m east of the Naturaliste Road Roundabout, many different artefacts have been discovered including quartz, blades and flints – some of which have been dated back between 8,000 and 12,000 years old.

Dunsborough Transport

Dunsborough has its own public bus service which takes the 903 route. There is also the optional Transwa service which is available for travellers who are looking for an alternate coach public transport option.

Accommodation in Dunsborough

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