If you’re planning to experience an indulgent holiday in Western Australia, then brace yourself for an amazing time at Margaret River! The town of Margaret River is the ideal starting point for unravelling the region’s most iconic attractions.

Western Australia holds plenty of enchanting destinations that are beautiful in their own way; yet, Margaret River’s unique beauty and cozy vibe attracts millions of visitors each year. The world-famous wine region does not only envelope the breathtaking vineyards, but the awesome surfing locations are also perfect for the adventurous souls. Be inspired while gazing upon the wondrous mountains or while seeing Margaret River’s hidden gems. The mild, summery temperature also makes each stay at the Margaret River truly invigorating all year-round.

Best places to visit in Margaret River


The Mammoth Cave

Step back in the prehistoric times as you travel inside the spectacular limestone caves and marvel at the fascinating formations of stalactites, stalagmites, and fossils from the extinct animals. The cave is outlined by the Karri and Marri Forests and is located within the confines of the lush Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. You and your family can enjoy an easy, self-guided tour which is absolutely a great experience for the kids and grown-ups alike.


Hamelin Bay


Hamelin Bay is bound to provide Margaret River holidaymakers a simple yet majestic experience. The raw beauty of the beach, the expansive bay, the shimmery fine sands, the friendly sting rays underneath the crystal-clear waters, and the pristine views provide a truly unparalleled experience. For those seeking a calming haven with lots of relaxation, the Hamelin Bay is a perfect place for you. Truly a paradise in WA!


Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park


A great experience is waiting for you at the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park! The rugged coastlines, plants, and beautiful views ensure you will walk in wonder while finding that time for relaxation. By walking along the tracks you’ll see the marvelous views, caves, have fun as you tour the lighthouse, experience the park’s rich wildlife and whale sightings, and enjoy the immaculate beaches.




A trip to Amaze’n Margaret River is indeed a trip to remember. At Amaze’n, you can surely enjoy an electrifying activity in the giant hedge maze at the heart of the five-hectare botanical gardens. See the beautiful butterflies, hear the native birds chirping, and observe the native plants of Australia. Complete the mazes, play a mini-golf and solve puzzles, or simply appreciate the beautifully maintained scenery. This is great for everyone who wants to have a refreshing time!

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Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay

Rest and relaxation is abundant at the Geographe Bay. A famous destination for families, local travelers, visitors, beachgoers, and recreational boaters, Geographe Bay is also an ideal spot for whale watching. Regardless if you opt to simply take a glimpse of the golden hour while you lose yourself in the irresistible views Geographe Bay has to offer—it’s going to be soulful.



A well-equipped holiday home is essential so you can be guaranteed of a fuss-free, convenient, and unforgettable holiday in Margaret River. Either you’re planning for an action-packed pursuit, a soothing escape, or an breathtaking family moment, the Azure holiday house in Margaret River can make your dream Margaret River getaway come true. Nestled in the midst of the blossoming trees, make your stay at the Azure a healing balm for your tired mind and body!


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