When the best surfing spots, the most beautiful vineyards, and the gorgeous beaches in Australia are discussed, Margaret River always springs to mind. Each year, millions of tourists visit the region to achieve an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s filled with lots of entertainment and amusement options.

Lady on phone at cafe in Dunsborough

Top Cafes In Dunsborough


Trendy with a cozy ambiance, Meal-Up is considered to be one of Dunsborough’s most impressive cafes. From their cakes, coffees, scrambled eggs, and fruit toasts, to their pastas and lunch favourites, you’ll find that their menu isn’t only pleasing to the eye but is also very filling. They use 100% organic Arabic medium roasted beans for topnotch quality and flavour. Meal-up offers baby chinos for your little ones and is also a vegetarian-friendly coffeehouse.

Mealup Margaret River

Artezen Café

Another popular place in Margaret River, Artezen Café will surely make your time in Dunsborough more unforgettable. This fully-licensed café serves heavenly brekkies, coffees and other tasty choices using locally-sourced produce. The Artezen Big Breakfast, Avocado Toast, and the other appetizing lunch options, and tapas are all well-prepared. Artezen has a modern, quirky style, and is also kid-friendly.

ArteZen Margaret River

Evviva Café

Evviva Café offers all-day breakfasts, mouthwatering gourmet burgers and woodfire pizzas. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are also found on their menu. Nestled in a lovely spot at Dunsborough, the café has a relaxed, airy atmosphere. Enjoy dining al fresco in the midst of the gorgeous surroundings, lush greenery, and well-maintained gardens.

Evviva Cafe Dunsborough

Yallingup Coffee Roasting Company

Delight yourself in a cup of coffee made from the best coffee beans.  Yallingup Coffee Roasting Company uses the best green or unroasted coffee beans and utilizes unique roasting and blending techniques to come up with the best-tasting coffees. The café is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-going and well-organised coffee place with a great menu. The divine raw chocolate brownie will also leave you with great Dunsborough memories!

Yallinum Coffee Dunsborough

Hot Chocolatte

A beloved dining destination in Margaret River, Hot Chocolatte has cemented its reputation for serving the finest hot chocolate in Dunsborough. They also serve organic coffee, yummy treats, and other amazing homebaked foods. The family-friendly café has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The unconventional interiors and trendy decors will make your Hot Chocolatte experience even more exciting.

Hot Chocolate Dunsborough

The Cure Coffee

The Cure Coffee promises to cure your palate’s relentless search for the best coffee! Offering a variety of the best craft coffees, scrumptious bagels and enticing desserts, The Cure is the perfect place for both coffee aficionados and dining enthusiasts. The iconic cafe blends a rustic vibe with a modern twist, topped with a friendly atmosphere. Whether you aim to have a Bold Blend cuppa, try a Smoked Salmon Bagel to your heart’s content, or sink your teeth on their gluten-free brownies, you’re bound to find all of the above (and more!) in one place

Cure Cafe Dunsborough

Albert + Nikola Café

Elevate your dining experience at Albert + Nikola! The café is not only highly popular for their best-tasting coffee, filling breakfast bowls, delicious donuts, tasty smoothie bowls, and more. Inspired by the world’s most celebrated theoretical physicist and inventor, the cafe mixes the artful air and stylish designs that will surely ignite your creativity and will keep you inspired. Coffee-lovers can also simply chill out with a cup of latte. Albert + Nikola is also a fantastic workspace that provides enough space, big desks, and free wifi.

Albert and Nikola Dunsborough


Having more than 65 branches in Australia, Dome has been a long-time friend of Australia. The cafe offers a selection of coffee options from a select blend of Arabica beans for premium taste and quality. Timeless must-tries are the Dome Classics such as the Flat White, Latte and Cappuccinos. Their Espreski varities include iced coffee blends deliciously combined with big chunks of chocolates or fruits, such as the CherryLicious and the Honeycomb Gold Rush!  Dome is a child-friendly café. They have a junior menu, plenty of high chairs available, and also provide crayons and activity sheets to the little ones to keep them entertained.

Dome Margaret River

Dunsborough Bakery

Dining at the Dunsborough Bakery is bound to evoke priceless WA memories. Dunsborough Bakery has proven to be a wonderful spot for those in search for a yummy selection of great food and to those leaning towards getting a coffee fix. The bakery’s classic options such as homemade pies, sausages, croissants, and pastries are made using premium quality local ingredients. The Dunsborough Bakery has an old-world ambiance and has proven to be a timeless choice for breakfast staples and other amazing varieties of food.

Dunsborough Bakery Olden Days

Wild and Woods Café

Many coffee-buffs can personally vouch for Wild and Woods Café’s top quality coffee and delicious food choices. Wild and Woods Café serves light wholefoods, classic lunch options, tasteful smoothies, pastries, burgers, salads, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. Whether you need that much-needed energy for your Margaret River activities or you require that kick for a late afternoon meet-up with friends, you can have an awesome time at the charming Wild and Woods Cafe.

Wild And Woods Cafe
Writing in Cafe at Dunsborough

Smell the energizing aroma of the amazing coffees in Dunsborough! Enjoy perfect cup of coffee or a refreshing smoothie guaranteed to perk you up. Choose a well-equipped, fully-furnished accommodation in Dunsborough such as the Azure Holiday Home to ensure the ultimate holiday experience. Whether you have a laid-back or an adventurous taste preference, there’s an endless array of superb food choices and coffees of superior quality that are in store for you. With Margaret River’s beauty and the plentiful of beautiful attractions and exciting dining options set to keep your tummy happy, there’s more than enough reasons to choose the region for your next trip!


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