Western Australia is not just for the adventurous souls seeking to find a thrilling time catching the waves at WA’s best beaches; it’s also an excellent choice for those who are seeking rest in one of its secluded spots. This region is perfect for families who would love to achieve a relaxing and educational experience for their kids. For couples, the romantic destinations are sure to leave priceless memories. Western Australia can accommodate each kind of traveler — it is where adventure and relaxation meet.

Margaret River is the region’s jewel that overflows with iconic sites ready to take your breath away. Your Margaret River experience is certainly filled with endless nature adventures that are bound to provide pure joy. Cave enthusiasts will also have a lot of things to look forward to in Margaret River. With more than 150 limestone caves that hold intricate formations—a beautiful result of the natural geologic processes that transpired in the course of a million years—you’ll find these caves gorgeously tucked underneath the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge.

A myriad of limestone caves await in Margaret River: the Mammoth Cave, Ngilgi Cave, Bushtucker Cave and Canoe, and the Jewel Cave Augusta, to name a few. But among these enthralling caves, the Mammoth Cave stands out.

Mammoth Cave in Margaret River Tour

About Mammoth Cave

A large limestone cave located in Margaret River that is encircled by the Karri and Marri forests, the Mammoth Cave is very popular to the locals and tourists alike. It’s not only due to the fact that Mammoth Cave is where one of Australia’s most significant paleontological discovery happened. The Mammoth Cave is among the very few caves in the region that have fossils from extinct animals—the cave actually houses the noteworthy “Megafauna”. The Mammoth Cave is also considered as the easiest cave to explore. You can access the cave on a self-guided tour, freely discovering the awe-inspiring chambers, amazing columns, and glorious cave environment on your own.

The first chamber of the Mammoth Cave provides partial universal cave access. It is also accessible by individuals with wheelchairs. Visitors can take advantage of the self-guided audio tour that will educate and guide them as they explore the astonishing chambers of the magical cave. The audio tour can be conveniently played using an MP3 player and a headset which are all handed to the visitors. This setup is perfect for those who want to travel around the limestone cave at their own pace.

The Mammoth Cave makes a cave journey less intimidating. Even if the cave is famous for its massive size, everyone will fully enjoy a highly edifying time at the Mammoth Cave. Even those who are a little scared visiting a beautiful attraction that is nestled deep underground will find their journey around the Mammoth Cave truly exciting. The extremely expansive Mammoth Cave encompasses the attractive clusters of limestone formations. Stroll around the boardwalks and walk on the platforms to see the magnificence of the Mammoth Cave further. Tourists who are visiting the Mammoth Cave during winter will witness the captivating array of reflections as the stream flows through the cave. Mammoth Cave also has a stunning tangerine-coloured shawl—see the cave come alive with these wavy sheets!

Tourists can enter the cave on the eastern side of it. The exit is at the Caves Road’s western side. The Mammoth Cave is open daily so any day is a perfect time to visit the region’s most prominent cave. Entry to the cave is from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The opening hours are extended on holidays. Kids should be accompanied by adults. The cave tours also require at least two adults to run.

Accommodation near Mammoth Cave

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