Experience a different kind of WA enchantment! Perfect your inner-Australian by visiting much loved Rottnest Island. Nestled on the outskirts of Perth in Western Australia, Rottnest Island is home to mesmerizing beaches, amazing surf breaks, and abundant flora and fauna – so if you’re an animal-lover or a nature enthusiast, Rottnest Island is a must see for your adventures in WA!

Rottnest Island is a beautiful place to visit. Proclaimed as an A-class Reserve, the perfectly-formed island is a celebration itself for the diverse animal species and plants that are highly protected by the law. Plants such as the Rottnest Island pine and teatree, as well as the Rottnest Island daisies and wild rosemaries, and the rest of the incredible plant species and decorative blossoms are bound to make your Rottnest Island escape more inspiring!

Rottness Island Terrain

Want to see the exciting hues of blues? You’ll never feel blue at the Perth Canyon! See the blue whales swimming in azure-coloured waters of Australia as you go on a whale-watching cruise or simply be captivated by the majestic beauty of this place. Only in Australia!

Are you a beach lover? Waggle your toes in the alabaster-coloured sand and indulge in the crystal-clear waters at Rottnest Island. The island is a paradise that offers around 63 pristine beaches. There’s so much to explore—yet it’s a beautiful feeling of getting overwhelmed by the vastness and magnificence of Rottnest Island!

Rottnest Island is great for families. Joining a full island tour or simply relaxing while your kids spend time at the playground in this well-preserved, child-friendly island is guaranteed to make family holidays ultimately fun for everyone. With the hustle and bustle of city life, you and your kids will enjoy the fresh air and being superbly close to nature. Take snapshots and create wonderful memories as you watch the impeccable surroundings. Oh, and lets not forget the perfect sunrises and sunsets at Rottnest Island!
Cute Quokka

And the highlight of your Rottnest Island trip? The Quokkas!

Labeled as “The world’s happiest animal”, the Quokkas’ cuteness is contagious. You’ll feel the happiness yourself as you see these adorable creatures grin at you! Quokkas are seemingly-smiling marsupials that belong to the small macropod family, just like wallabies and kangaroos. With over 10,000 quokkas found in Rottnest, you can certainly meet a new one!

“No” to touching and feeding; but “Yes” to picture-taking!

Quokkas are friendly and used to meeting people (a whopping 500,000 visitors come to Rottnest Island each year!) — but touching and feeding them are discouraged. You can save your unforgettable encounters with the quokkas anyway in the form of those Facebook and Instagram-worthy photos as most quokkas are accustomed to smiling for the camera.

Rottnest Island is special because it is one of the remaining places in the world where the cute quokkas are found. But did you know that the quokkas have a significance to the island’s name? “Rottnest” actually came from “Rats’ Nest Island”—a name given by Willem de Vlamingh in 1696 due to the island being highly populated by quokkas which were mistaken as giant rats at the time.

Quokka Smiling

Be amazed by the quokkas’ welcoming smile as they meet you. See them hop energetically and climb trees, purely enjoying the bliss and liberty at Rottnest Island. Even if you merely stare and take delight in these lovable creatures relishing their freedom, you will be fascinated by their happy physical features and friendly behavior that are sure to bring some good vibes.

You’ll get to see the island’s abundant wildlife. Aside from seeing the quoakkas’ infectious smile, reptile species like the dugite, bobtail and geckos, to name a few, call it home. Birds such as ospreys, silver gulls, pied cormorant, rock parrot, and other beautiful bird species can also be found at Rottnest Island. The bountiful reefs circling Rottnest house different marine animals such as bottlenose dolphins and humpbacks, as well as other crustaceans, fish and corals.

Witness the riches of wildlife and the overflowing blessings of nature, Rottnest Island is certainly worthy to be ticked off your bucket list. And…prepare to take a selfie with a smiling quokka!

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