Open your eyes and see the radiance and charm of the world! Take a peek into a patch of paradise in Margaret River!

Traveling is a wonderful way to learn. One has to only open their eyes to see the beauty of the things around them, not to mention the experiences that one gets from seeing new places. For kids, informative journeys give them opportunities to learn other things outside the home and schools and for grownups, the wonders of traveling cannot be underestimated. Things that were not known before are now learned with joy and awe, and places that were previously enjoyed are now appreciated with great enthusiasm and immersion through traveling. Visiting a place that lights up with raw beauty and getting in touch with nature is a beautiful escape that renews our tired minds and bodies, enabling us to feel more relaxed and at ease. More so when travel itineraries include trips to breathtaking vineyards and stunning wineries.

Margaret River’s wine region produces almost 20 percent of the country’s premium wines. Its wine-growing industry has also made the region one of the biggest names in the field of viticulture globally. A premier destination not only for internationally-acclaimed wines, Margaret River encompasses marvelous wineries, amazing cellars, and bespoke vineyards that will make your Margaret River trip truly a day to remember.

Have a luxurious wine-tasting experience in one of the region’s local wineries! Be embraced by the beautiful landscapes all around you. Get to be enthralled by the peaceful vibe and the head-turning views that will surely take your breath away at one of the country’s finest gems! Margaret River’s beauty transcends beyond its world-famous wineries as there is a multitude of fabulous places to visit in the region that are centred on culture such as national parks, quality dining out experiences, and other recreational and sightseeing activities. To fully enjoy your Margaret River holiday, a topnotch Margaret River holiday home is essential for you to get the best out of your time in this widely popular winery destination. The Azure Holiday House is a well-appointed holiday home in Margaret River that mixes innovation, refinement, and comfort.

There’s a world of options for the best wineries at Margaret River. Renowned wine critic, James Halliday, has provided a number of commendations for the topnotch quality and taste of the wines produced by the region.

Top 10 Wineries in Margaret River

Here are the Top 10 Wineries in Margaret River that will give you an unparalleled Margaret River winery experience.

Green Winery in Margaret River

Cape Mentelle

Cape Mentelle’s name comes from the nearby Cape which was named by the French ‘Baudin Expedition’ which charted the coast of WA in 1801. These beautiful vineyards were established by industry pioneers David Hohnen and his brothers Mark and Giles in 1970.

David Hohnen experimented with grape varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, which have resulted in the production of extra-ordinary wines for your enjoyment.

Therefore, the most significant names such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and other noteworthy varieties are impressively produced at Cape Mentelle. Strengthen your insight about wine production and superior winery management at the region’s most legendary estate as you enjoy the picturesque panoramas of Margaret River’s vineyards! Wine connoisseurs and beginners in wine exploration will definitely have an awesome time at Cape Mentelle.

Cape Mentelle Winery

Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate produces wines ranked alongside the world’s finest. In 1972, Robert Mondavi, a Napa Valley winemaker identified the site as being the ultimate place for quality production of premium wines. Leeuwin now exports to 30 markets and continues to produce extraordinary wines for the masses to enjoy.

Travel around the awe-inspiring art galleries at the Leeuwin Estate, enjoy the wine tour and wine tasting at Leeuwin’s cellar door, taste the Art Series Chardonnay and realize why many wine critics describe the estate’s wines as exceptional. Discover the tastiest grape varieties and find yourself tucked amid the lush vineyards enjoying the bucolic vibe, just appreciating the grand experience at this world-famous wine estate.

Voyager Estate

Stevens Valley had the ideal characteristics to create the world’s best wines, so Michael Wright had decided to start the Voyager Estate in its spectacular wine-making environment.

The rich viticulture. The enthralling wine trails. The prepossessing gardens and the majestic vineyards topped with lavish interiors makes the Voyager Estate one of the best wineries in Margaret River. Aside from the excellent wine varieties, best to try the 2012 Tom Price Cabernet Sauvignon or the rich Shiraz. Also get the opportunity to have a full wine-tasting experience in one of the estate’s private room.

Voyager Estate Margaret River

McHenry Hohnen Vintners

McHenry Hohnen Vintners is a 5-star winery in Margaret River that houses astounding vineyards which can be considered as a winery paradise by wine aficionados. McHenry Hohnen Vintners maintains a chemical-free environment and organic farming methods that ensure their wines’ first-rate quality. There are also plenty of gourmet choices and lovely picnic spots in this dog-friendly vineyard. Sample on the 2016 Calgardup Brook Vineyard Chardonnay or the 2017 Burnside Vineyard Mica Hill Chardonnay.

McHenry Hohnen Margaret River

Clairault | Streicker Estate

The 300-hectare vineyard, unrivaled winemaking, and the bushland serving as a beautiful backdrop, the Streicker Estate has become one of the first-class wineries in Margaret River. Feel the rustic ambiance and the warmth of the breeze as you try the unmatched Clairault Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest of Clairault’s most iconic wines!

Clairraunt Winery Margaret River

Redgate Wines

One of the pioneering wineries in Margaret River, the Redgate Wines is a 55-acre vineyard that will give you the opportunity to taste different wine varieties of premium quality. The Redgate has its very own winery and cellar door. Touring around the Redgate Wines winery could give you an overview about grape production, take delight in the delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, and enjoy the sultry breeze.

Red Gate Winery Margaret River

Rosily Vineyard

If you are a wine-enthusiast leaning towards tasting flavorful red, white, or sulphur-free wines in a small yet airy vineyard with breathtaking views, then the Rosily Vineyard is a great choice. According to James Halliday, “Rosily’s wines represent superlative value across a sensitive winemaking hand”. Wine aficionados will find their Rosily experience truly sensational. The distinct blend of the Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc 2018 provides an unforgettable experience.

Brookland Valley Winery Margaret River

Bagging the name “Winery of the Year” in 2009 by James Halliday, the Brookland Valley Winery Margaret River has truly lived up to its expectations. Aside from the wonderful wine touring activities, this award-winning winery also offers a collection of fine wines such as the Estate Chardonnay Blanc 2018 or the premium Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, on top of the scrumptious dining options and delightful treats in a mesmerizing setting.

Brookland Valley Winery Margaret River

Arlewood Estate Winery

Arlewood has been an experienced wine producer in the Margaret River region since 1984. The cooler environment of the site allows them to produce quality wines that make your taste-buds dance through vagrant & elegant flavours.

Mid-sized yet shining with countless experiences, the Arlewood Estate Winery’s vibe is cozy, welcoming, and immersive. Relish the best tasting wines like the Cabernet Merlot or Chardonnay by the brilliant atmosphere and simply enjoy the simple splendor that this Margaret River top winery destination has to offer.

Arlewood Winery Margaret River

Preveli Wines

Overlooking the astounding Indian Ocean waters, wine enthusiasts are bound to taste the world’s most celebrated selection of wines at Preveli such as the Methode Traditionnelle Blank de Noir 2010 or the Semillon Sauvignon Blank 2014 Magnum. One of Margaret River’s best wineries, the Preveli also evokes a pleasant ambiance that’s bound to make your Margaret River trip truly refreshing.

Preveli Wines Margaret River

Your Margaret River holiday is like a breath of fresh air! With the exciting wine tours, you can learn more about grapevine cultivation, experience the best-tasting wines, while you gaze on the blankets of vineyards! Experience pure captivation at Margaret River’s best kept secrets. Eat, drink, and be merry on your visit to a Margaret River winery…then, suit yourself on the remarkable Azure Holiday Home that will cap off your extraordinary winery adventure!

Winery Grapes Margaret River


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