There’s a copious number of things to look forward to when exploring Australia. With the country’s large expanse, there is a multitude of unique adventures and memorable escapes that are in store for you. The iconic Opera House surrounded by the stunning waters. The world-renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge that still stands out in all its glory amid the astounding and elaborate fireworks display every New Year. The innovative skyscrapers and the state-of-the-art buildings in the sophisticated cities reflect the country’s thriving economy; and the remarkable landscapes and enthralling vistas that make up for the picturesque sceneries.

And among the myriad of exciting places that this beautiful country is set to offer, the Margaret River region is a mecca of glorious destinations and exciting experiences. The most celebrated caves such as the Mammoth Cave, Jewel, Ngilgi, and the Lake Cave. This wine region is also famous for its legendary wineries and breathtaking vineyards where you can take the opportunity to sample on the world’s best wines. Surfers and water-babies can expect the best surf breaks, the warm, clear waters, and the white sandy beaches.

With Western Australia’s gorgeous waters, well-preserved marine life, and the beauty of the region region, Margaret River is also an excellent destination for the best whale watching adventure. There’s quite a number of whale watching experiences where you can marvel at the power and might of a Humpback, Minke, Southern Right, or a Blue whale in various departure locations and Dunsborough is a popular place to achieve a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with these fascinating sea creatures. Dunsborough’s charming seaside town and warm waters is the perfect base for a whale watching trip that will surely invoke unforgettable memories!

Whale watching Margaret River

Each year, from June to December, around 35,000 whales migrate to the Australian waters from the Antarctic. See the Humpback and Southern Right whales in Augusta during the months of June, July and August. Then, witness the migration of these gigantic sea creatures in Dunsborough as they journey back to the Antarctic waters in the first part of September as you find yourself on a relaxing cruise on Geographe Bay’s tranquil waters. Either you see these enormous whales as they unknowingly show their magnificence while they vivaciously do their acrobats, or you take a glimpse at the blue whales in the month of October, up close and personal — the encounter is so surreal, you and your family will have fun seeing the world’s largest animal show their captivating movements! Even the baby whales seemingly saying ‘Hi’ to spectators as they playfully make splashes here and there on their very first trip to Antartica can be so huge yet can be so adorable! Aside from these giant marine mammals, the friendly dolphins swimming on the sparkly ocean, the seals lazing around, and the sea eagles flying freely and wonderfully in the sky are priceless images which you will find fun, inspiring, and calming.

Yearning to see the magnificence of these legendary whales along the region’s enthralling coastline? Dunsborough is the most ideal base where you can have a time filled with the best whale-watching adventures! If you are looking to find fully-equipped accommodation in Dunsborough, the Azure Holiday House is a luxury beachside holiday home that has a close proximity to the region’s must-see places. Your luxury-appointed home-away-from-home provides all the urban comfort and is also bound to give you the most impressive views of Geographe Bay! Experience whale watching at its finest, feel the region’s natural beauty, and enjoy the rest of the fun escapades that are in store for you. The wide variety of possibilities will amaze you in Dunsborough!

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